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Tuesday April 20th · 2021 · 10:00 - 16:00 CET

Tuesday April 20th · 2021 · 10:00 CET

Agfa web-to-print solutions - from brochure to billboard and beyond

Apogee StoreFront and Asanti StoreFront are the cloud-based web-to-print solutions of Agfa. Apogee StoreFront focuses on commercial printers and offers built-in integration with the Apogee prepress workflow system, whereas Asanti StoreFront is geared towards large-format printers. Both solutions can however also be used stand-alone, offering a wide range of product types and features.

Replay here (with chat) · Read article about Agfa's eight tips here · Replay on INKISH.TV (with FF/skip option)

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Tuesday April 20th · 2021 · 11:00 CET

HappyPrinting - the Online Printing Franchise company

HappyPrinting is a global online printing franchise company offering plug & play web-to-print solutions including the marketing.  HappyPrinting is a partner of the HP Indigo InnoPartner program and offers its solution to HP Indigo customers worldwide on an exclusivity bases of one partner per country per segment. HappyPrinting offers its solutions for both consumer, textile, commercial, labels and packaging printers under the brand names HappyPrinting, HappyPackaging, HappyLabels and HappyFlexibles. All global HappyPrinting partners share one technology platform, all innovations and all marketing materials.  In this way HappyPrinting makes it possible for its partners to run a web-to-print platform at low cost with high returns. HappyPrinting is growing fast and has now 16 partners worldwide. More info can be found on www.happyprinting.net.

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Tuesday April 20th · 2021 · 12:00 CET

EFI MarketDirect StoreFront - Powerful, simple – flexible eCommerce for Print

In our presentation we will discuss and demonstrate how EFI’s MarketDirect StoreFront software delivers a set of powerful yet simple tools to facilitate web to print for the modern printer. We’ll cover a number of areas focusing on SmartStores (Visual product builder, commercial & packaging), the importance of Integrations to EFI MIS solutions, 3rd party Systems using our API + XML, JDF, Fiery, and Shipping. We’ll take a close look at Automation from order submission to production and on to Fulfilment. We will also look at additional modules which add to the functionality including things such as Single Sign-on (SSO), VDP, Credit Card, Auto-Engage for active marketing campaigns including promo code and abandoned shopping carts – full Cross Media campaigns, and a brief look at our Entity’s module, an architectural framework that enables support for a multi-tier business unit within a single MarketDirect StoreFront instance.

Replay here (w chat) · Read article about EFI StoreFront here · Replay on INKISH.TV (with FF/skip option)

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Tuesday April 20th · 2021 · 13:00 CET

What Is Cloudprinter.com and How It Simplifies Global Printing for Everyone?

We'll speak about cloudprinter.com Print API and connected apps that let our customers streamline their print jobs for local printing in 104 countries. We'll also share our insights on how cloudprinter.com helps businesses increase their sales volumes and keep growing in the new post-Covid-19 reality.  Apart from that, we'll tell how building a strong print partners network helps to make global printing even more beneficial for everyone: print houses that join us as print partners get the opportunity to grow their print volumes with no manual actions required — the process is fully automated! 

Replay here (with chat) · Read article about Cloudprinter here · Replay on INKISH.TV (with FF/skip option)

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Tuesday April 20th · 2021 · 14:00 CET

Web-To-Print in 30 minutes

Join Infigo's CEO and founder Douglas Gibson, on the 20th April on inkish.tv, as he demonstrates how you can set up your own online print shop in 30 minutes. Our complete Web-To-Print solution offers everything you need to digitalise, adapt and grow your business. Using our innovative and intuitive tools, regardless of your skill set, you can: 

 - quickly create e-commerce websites;
- take orders any time of the day;
- easily add products and design templates;
- seamlessly configure automated workflows to process jobs more efficiently.  

Our world-class technology is supported by a knowledgeable and dedicated team, who always work in close partnership with our customers.

Replay here (with chat) · Read article about web-to-print in 30 minutes · Replay on INKISH.TV (with FF/skip option)

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Tuesday April 20th · 2021 · 15:00 CET

The path to being your own Print Provider

The Online Print Properties eCommerce platform with pre-populated print products. Priced at cost, ready to mark up for your target market. Demo includes spinning up the site, skinning to brand, Product feature descriptions, addition of attributes per product (Spot UV, Texture, Foil), Pricing tier, Dashboard, delivery logistics. Overview of support included and available as add on (call center, domain name registration, SEO, Product image creation) Target markets are the Small and medium size businesses, not necessarily focused on print as their primary product. Print resellers such as Graphic Designers, Event/Party planners, Real Estate Offices, Restaurants, Hospitality (hotels, resorts), private label providers for retail.

Replay here (with chat). · Read Article about Global Print Sites here · Replay on INKISH.TV (with FF/skip option)

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Wednesday April 21st · 2021 · 10:00 - 16:00 CET

Wednesday April 21st · 2021 · 10:00 CET

Selling Photo Products Online with Printbox Enterprise Solution 

According to Market Research Future, the global photo printing market is going to touch a valuation of USD 26,113.0 bn by 2023, registering 12.3% CAGR. If you consider jumping into this fast-growing market, join our session to discover all elements needed to run a top-performing photo products store. During our live session, Hubert Skrzypulec and Onur Unsal are going to present: Smart Creation – algorithm-based photo selection and photo book creation 4 online editors for personalized photo products designs  Buying paths and best practices for different products Best-selling merchandise and niche products supported by Printbox  Products, product variation, and themes creation Pricing and discount management  Useful integration examples  Best use cases from our customers Join Printbox session to get a complete picture of our solution and to discover our customer's stories.

Replay here (with chat) · Read article about Printbox here · Replay on INKISH.TV (with FF/skip option)

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Wednesday April 21st · 2021 · 11:00 CET

OnPrintShop Web2Print – Specially Designed Solutions to grow Varied Print Segments & Sales Channels 

Post Covid Print Service Providers major challenge is to able to quickly adapt to changing market and customer needs. OnPrintShop will showcase how we have helped PSPs during Covid to launch new sales channels -  B2C, B2B, Reseller & Franchisee Storefronts, add new print segments with no IT programmers needed. As most printers are stuck up with web2prints which have limited offerings and no set up support as implementation is big challenge for SME printers, especially during lockdown when recruiting and training as been very difficult.    Showcase OnPrintShop Award winning multiple HTML5 Designer Studios configurable to offer product specific experience.

Replay here (with chat) · Read Article OnPrintShop success stories · Replay on INKISH.TV (with FF/skip option)

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Wednesday April 21st · 2021 · 12:00 CET

Turboboost your print e-business with MultiPress MIS/ERP. On the importance of connecting webshops & MIS

E-business has quickly become an integral part of the graphic industry. A web shop today is essential for printing companies to do (more) business. But a print or sign webshop cannot be seen as a standalone activity. Why? Because in a state of the art workflow this webshop is real-time, dynamic in sync with the workflow of your print production company: creating products, setting prices, define delivery times, production capacity… it should all be reflected in the offerings on the webshop, 24/7. Is that possible? Yes it is! By integrating the MultiPress MIS/ERP software with the storefront environment. Creating the products and defining prices is a tedious and time consuming tasks. These also have to be maintained on a regular basis. As all your products and prices are already defined and calculated on the fly in your MultiPress ERP system, so why should you have to maintain 2 systems? That is a huge advantage, for any given storefront in the market. Everything that is defined in the MIS software is reused and as a consequence always up to date. No time loss, no mistakes, and most of all automation from the customer ordering online up to production, payment and delivery.  MultiPress MIS/ERP is the #1 European software for print production companies. The extensive web-to-print functionalities and different integrations with 3rd party e-business offerings will be presented during this session by Davy Verstaen, MultiPress Project Manager EMEA - also look forward to hear CEO Dirk Deroo presenting one of Europes leading MIS/ERP solutions.

Replay here (with chat) · Read article about MultiPress MIS/ERP · Replay on INKISH.TV (with FF/skip option)

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Wednesday April 21st · 2021 · 13:00 CET

printQ version 6.0 – revolutionary update

printQ is more user friendly, powerful and modern than ever before. The latest “headless” version now enables seamless integration of our globally successful web to print system into all kinds of existing shop systems. Shopify, SAP Hybris or WooCommerce – our e-commerce solution automates your workflow from the first click to production.

Replay here (with chat) · Replay on INKISH.TV (with FF/skip option)

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Wednesday April 21st · 2021 · 15:00 CET

Fast Deploy Methods for Printing Storefronts

How to capture new markets with speed, predefined products, templates, and prices

How to capture new markets with speed, predefined products, templates, and prices   Printing News Magazine  - READER’S CHOICE TOP PRODUCTS 2017 winner for “Top Web-To-Print Software and Storefront” and ”Top Plug-Ins”, AmazingPrint.com’s platform provides rapid deployment of printing websites with the largest variety of pre-built products, pre-built pricelists and design online templates. Amazing Print’s web to print platforms cover all aspects of online ordering: Design, Preflight, Estimate, Manage and Fulfill for trade printers, franchises, printshops and sign makers. 

ePrintSite has the most advanced and the most flexible Content Management System (CMS) for printing websites. Customize all aspects of your print website theme with our mobile friendly fully customizable template. Add your logo, change your text, change your template, add your products, change your menu, change your prices, you can do it all from your website administration panel without the need of hiring a web designer or consultant to aid you in the process. eCardBuilder – a what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG designer) design engine, has been rated in over 20 focus groups to be the “EASIEST to use Designer”, and can be found in thousands of print shops in 15+ countries worldwide.

Replay here (with chat) · Replay on INKISH.TV (with FF/skip option)

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Thursday April 22nd · 2021 · 10:00 - 16:00 CET

Thursday April 22nd · 2021 · 10:00 CET

Online sales in Omikai Cloud-ERP

In this session we will build a complete web shop live from start to launch using Omikai StoreFront, our Web2Print solution, part of the complete Omikai Cloud-ERP platform. We will setup a store using some flexible customization Add and configure different types of products and product categories Configure pricing using complex variables Configure a design template with support for variable data Show two customer buying scenarios Guest customers on a public shop Contracted customers on a private shop Show integration with Omikai Cloud-ERP to create pre-planned order ready for production Prepress automation and integration Show BI dashboard for sales analysis   We will finally give our view on Web2Print and the 3 most important KPI’s to focus on with online sales of print

Replay here (with chat) · Read article about using Omikai Cloud-ERP · Replay on INKISH.TV (with FF/skip option)

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Thursday April 22nd · 2021 · 11:00 CET

WhiteLabelShop: the web2print solution with all connections in one system

Intro about Prindustry Prindustry develops innovative online platforms for the ordering, editing and procurement of visual communication materials. With our WhiteLabelShop software we are the market leader in the Benelux for online print shops. From this solid basis we further expand our software to other countries and markets. Prindustry's e-commerce software can be flexibly connected to a brand portal. A brand portal is a closed web platform for brand owners. In this brand portal, employees of a company can manage, adjust and order their own brand communication. A brand portal is also available as a customer portal with the corporate identity communication of the customer. It is our core business to connect various specialized systems to our portals. Financial programs, ERP solutions or online editors. This way you always have the best tools and systems available. Demo web2print system: frontend and backend A WhiteLabelShop is an online print web shop with an extensive web-to-print platform. As the owner of this web shop you are completely in control of the daily management. You choose what your web shop looks like and which print media products you offer in it.  There is a central backend system with everything you need for orders, quotations, invoicing, accounting, product information, stock and payment systems. Prindustry is a facilitating partner that connects all desired products, partners and systems for you.  The WhiteLabelShop offers access to a unique online print marketplace where print media specialists offer their print and sign products. You choose which products from the marketplace you sell in your web shop. This can be white label, with your own name, with prices to the customers that you determine. Of course you can also sell your own products. It is a central ordering platform, sales system and web shop in one.

Replay here (with chat) · Read article about Printdustry's · Replay on INKISH.TV (with FF/skip option)

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Thursday April 22nd · 2021 · 12:00 CET

Durst Smartshop: Success with Web-to-Print through individual and scalable solutions

With Smart Shop Durst offers a web-to-print solution for the wide format, graphics, label, packaging and textile market. Durst Smart Shop is scalable from a pre-configured out-of-the-box web shop to an individual enterprise e-commerce platform for various sales channels – B2C, B2B, reseller & franchise and marketplaces. Our team of experts from the print industry assists to implement, start and grow a successful e-commerce business. In our webinar we will give some insights on how to drive online sales by standing out of the mass with an exceptional print buying experience, on the necessary toolset to run a successful web-to-print business and on how to maximize cost efficiency with full web-to-print automation.

Replay here (with chat) · Read article about Durst Smartshop here · Replay on INKISH.TV (with FF/skip option)

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Thursday April 22nd · 2021 · 13:00 CET

Disrupting the Web2Print Market

A New Normal brings to us a new age and many new ways of working within new opportunities, Vpress want to show us how this new market can be embraced with affordable ease and make print an essential convenience within our customers lives for the future

Replay here (with chat) · Replay on INKISH.TV (with FF/skip option)

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Thursday April 22nd · 2021 · 14:00 CET

HP Site Flow  – Connect, Automate and Scale with True Workflow Automation

With global e-commerce sales rocketing towards $5 trillion, ignoring it is now not an option. But whatever W2P platform you choose, you must think about what happens next. HP Site Flow provides the answer by enabling you to automate the digital to physical at scale, regardless of product or device. So, let’s free your inbox. Let’s automate order ingest, pre-press, imposition, track and traceability, production, and shipping. Let’s do that thousands of times a day. Let’s stop talking about Industry 4.0. Let’s live and breathe it instead. Let’s connect.

Replay here (with chat) · Replay on INKISH.TV (with FF/skip option)

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Thursday April 22nd · 2021 · 15:00 CET

ALL-IN-ONE DESIGNER - Super easy & comprehensive web-to-print solution for printers of all sizes & specialization

We will present live demo of our solution All-in-One Designer which will cover following.   Various types of products our web-to-print solution supports: Stock Products, Commercial Printing Products, Wide Format Products, Packaging, Pesonalized Gifting, Personalized Apparel, Promotional Products, Photo Books, Photo Print, Made to Order Products etc. How to add/create a new products and define personalization options How to manage various printing options i.e., paper type, product options, and complex combinations of variables How to manage product prices based on product options and how our solution integrates with other solutions (MIS, Zapier, ERP) How to create or import design templates How to manage orders and process print-ready files The three most important KPI’s that makes our solution the best option And more.

Replay here (with chat) · Read article about Design'n'Buy here · Replay on INKISH.TV (with FF/skip option)

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