Topic: Offset Machines/printing
When: June 15th, 2021 · 10:00 - 16:00 CET

In this Learn With Us event, we focus 100% on the latest generation of offset machines. But rather than asking the vendors to present their technology, we have decided to ask printing companies who recently have invested in technology from Heidelberg, Koening & Bauer, manroland, Komori, or RGMT to give their view on the machines.

We will learn what led to the decisions to invest in that particular machine and how the machine performs compared to expectations. We will ask how the technology supports their business objective. We will ask if they considered other brands or even other technologies to understand the importance offset/litho machines play in the modern printing company.

In between the sessions with printers, we will add people to the conversation that uses both analog and digital equipment and how they see the transformation that we all know is there. 

The first guest is Anthony Thirlby - who is widely recognized as one of the most progressive printers. With his and his partner Andy Rae's, new venture Venn Holdings, they are now focusing on also using digital print with metrics known from offset. We can't wait for that conversation!

This is Learn With Us, and you won't have to register to participate. Our 'Learn With Us · Offset' will be presented LIVE on INKISH.TV and on our YouTube channel.

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