MONDAY 15th 10:00-16:00 CET

Welcome to Learn With Us
The Benefits of unified Print Production with Fiery Servers
Turning your customers into SuperHeroes
Maximising your direct marketing in print – an agency perspective
Trends, Changes & Solutions
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In our Learn With Us Inkjet week, we have divided the days into different themes that can give you great learning experiences. We have five sessions Monday, February 15th, where you can learn the benefits of a unified print production setup using EFI Fiery Servers - served by EFI's Chris Schowalter - and about future and trends by Elizabeth Gooding and Ralf Schlözer from INKJET Insight. Another session that we look forward to is "Turning customers into Heroes," where John Thew and Jason Holland from The CRM Agency will give you examples of how customers benefit from inkjet technology. Finally, Isla Munro from The Dragonfly Agency will teach the audience how to maximize marketing by using print. An exciting day where you can Learn With Us. Register NOW.

Tuesday 16th 09:00-17:00 CET

How Covid-19 has re-focused attention on what really drives business outcome
The next generation of Digital printing systems for flexible packaging
How to choose best printing solution among flexo, all-in-one and digital inkjet technology based on your job needs
Exploring the growth of automation in print finishing technology
Living with Inkjet for label production
The Story of My Life
The Inkjet Journey and the future
Flexo, inkjet or both? How hybrid offers the best of both worlds
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The second day of our Learn With Us Inkjet week focuses on Label and Flexible packaging - and it's a LONG day with eight sessions starting already at 9:00 CET. We have two sessions presented by Juan Cano and Carlo Sammarco from Screen Europe on the technology side. Carlo Sammarco will show how Screen is used with examples from Baker Labels in the UK. We will also see a presentation by Erik van Sloten from Mouvent - spiced with a freshly made video from their German customer, MyLabels. Matt Burton from ABG has invited Geert Van Damme from CERM to show how customers benefit from close integrations, and also Hans Poortinga from MPS will talk about Flexo, Inkjet, or both. The first session in the morning is from South Africa, where Luisa Mazinter will present how COVID-19 has changed the focus on what drives the business outcome. As mentioned, it's a long day, and we are not finished yet. The German publishing group Burda is a disruptor in the European publishing market. In this presentation, Ingo Raab will show how the publisher has been a driving force in developing ground-breaking Inkjet technology that will be shown for the first time. Finally, one of the most competent influences of inkjet at all, Randy Vandagriff, will speculate over the future of inkjet in a session with your hosts, Jean Lloyd and Morten Reitoft.

Wednesday 17th 09:00-17:00 CET

"Rethinking - Necessary Why offset printers need to change and how can inkjet technology support this?"
Revolutionize the Commercial Print industry
High speed, continuous feed inkjet – is now the time for commercial printers?
Transition your business with inkjet
Inkjet the time is now, a practical insight
Pivoting in a Changing World
A match for all businesses, powered by innovation. Introducing your new business partner: The TASKalfa Pro 15000c
Reinventing publishing with inkjet
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Wednesday is yet another LONG day with eight sessions. The agenda is 'Commercial Print,' and a day with an intense focus on how inkjet paves its way into the commercial print space - maybe even challenging the offset vendors? Before digging into the technology, Marc Freitag from Livonia Print will challenge colleagues in his "Rethinking - Necessary" session. As a large book printer in Latvia with both offset and digital, we are confident that you can learn from Marc's presentation! HP follows up with a session where Alex Oldfield and Stephen Goddard will 'Revolutionize the Commercial Print industry." They will challenge this by saying so but have invited Simon Cooper from Solopress to substantiate the message. We know this will be interesting! From Screen, Rob Kruithof Kremer will talk about whether inkjet is now the time for commercial printers? Rob is joined by his colleague Patrick Jud and one of their many customers Tobias Kaase from MediaPrint in Germany! In the Canon session, you will meet Sander Hendrix and Chris Aked in a presentation about 'Transition your business with inkjet.' Followed by Ricoh with as many as six presenters Sander Sondaal, Eef de Ridder, Mark Hinder, Herman Verlind, Martin Koschei, and Willem Jubels - WHAU - talking about practical insights using inkjet. Kodak will be represented on Wednesday by Patti Smith and Jennifer Pennington under the topic 'Pivoting in a Changing World.' I can't wait to hear what they will show and tell! One of the newer kids on the block is Kyocery, who presented their first sheet-based inkjet device last year. In this session, Marcel Ebbenhorst and Deon Wepener will deliver their solutions to all the changes that we face in these times - or at least from an inkjet perspective :-) In the last session of our Commercial Print Wednesday, we will again meet HP. This time under the topic 'Reinventing publishing with inkjet." We will again meet Stephen Goodard, this time accompanied by his San Diego based colleague Rick Bravo. What a day!

Thursday 18th 10:00-16:00 CET

Online opportunities and Inkjet
6 reasons that can stop your inkjet press from running, and how to overcome them.
Don’t get left at the Station!
Prepare for tomorrow, by taking control today
How Post-Composition Print Tools will Drive Extra Success in the New Year
Print Sample TV · LIVE

Thursday is about substrates and software - and yet again, a jam-packed day with exciting sessions. And let's start with Mondi Group. Liisa Ohlsson, Brod Geary & Thomas Wimmer have come up with a GREAT headline, 'Don't get left at the Station!' Great, since this refers to how essential substrates are and how important it is for print service providers to keep an eye on the technological development! Kelvin Bell from Vpress will do a presentation under the title, 'Online opportunities and Inkjet' and online opportunities are what we can also see in the fresh video we did last week from Route1print in the UK. Sarah Kilcoyne-Guilliam explains so well why Vpress makes sense as a supplier to the fast-moving online printers! Toon van Rossum speaks over '6 reasons that can stop your inkjet press from running, and how to overcome them.' And as Toon represents Enfocus, they, more than most other companies, represent the digital transformation that relies heavily on workflow-automation - so pay attention! David Baldaro continues the digital transformation journey by presenting 'Prepare for tomorrow, by taking control today." - Who can disagree? David's XMPie is becoming an important factor in many printing companies diving into new and more profitable markets! In our Thursday sessions, we also have two McGrew's. The first one is Jonathan Malone-McGrew, who, together with Jamie Walsh and Mary Ann Rowan from Solimar Systems, challenges us with 'How Post-Composition Print Tools will Drive Extra Success in the New Year.' We eagerly await learning more! And finally, our very own, Pat McGrew, will present Print Samples. We are sure you will see mind-blowing examples of what technology can do today - and all LIVE from Aurora, Colorado!

Friday 19th 10:00-16:00 CET

Live Demo! Inkjet print to book production. Made easy
Hunkeler Digital Print Finishing Solutions 4.0 at Beltz Graphische Betriebe
Don't forget about the finishing! – how to produce a high-quality book or magazine out of inkjet printed paper.
Scodix Ultra 1000’s Series of B1 and B2 Digital Enhancement Presses
MBO’s Roll Fed Inkjet Finishing Solutions Capitalize on over 50 Years of Folding and Finishing Experience
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Friday! Last day of our Learn With Us Inkjet week - What can be better than finishing the week with finishing and enhancement? LIVE from Japan, Yasuo Taketsugu and Colin Flinn will present 'Live Demo! Inkjet print to book production. Made easy.' We believe it will be exciting, and the fact that they can deliver a live presentation into our Learn With Us session underscore that Horizon is on top of everything - can't wait to see it! After the live-session from Kyoto, Hans Gut will join us from Switzerland. Together with one of Hunkeler's customers Michael Tuchscher from Beltz Graphische Betrieb, we will discuss how their new digital binding solution enables new opportunities, new customers, and new business models. Adrian Mayr, from Müller Martini, raises a great question in his presentation titled: 'Don't forget about the finishing! – how to produce a high-quality book or magazine out of inkjet printed paper.' We are confident that often the starting point is the application, the finishing, and then the print-unit, so join Adrian for what we believe will be GREAT :-) Lance Martin from MBO America will present proven technology for inkjet devices that most Europeans don't know. MBO delivers roll-based finishing equipment, and in this session, Lance Martin has invited Dave Johannes and Jeff Fraley to the session to talk about all the great things MBO offers. Finally - not the last session, but a critical session, is delivered by Nigel Tracey from Scodix. Print and finishing is one thing, but with digital enhancement, Scodix has paved the way for higher ROIs for PSP's who can sell the Scodix experience. We are confident that Nigel will tell us more on that subject in his presentation!

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Live demo! inkjet print...

Live Demo! Inkjet print to book production. Made easy

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Paradigm shift in inkje...

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