India's Leading Manufacturer of Anilox Roller - Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd

We, Anar Rub Tech Pvt Ltd, are the leading and eminent manufacturers of anilox and ceramic anilox rollers. Our primary idea is to create and manufacture quality materials to fulfill the requirements of our esteemed clients. We produce the best quality items which are consistently overseen and supervised by our well-experienced workforce and experts.

Anilox Roller 

Our company manufactures Anilox Rollers which are usually used in Flexographic printing and Gravure printing. The cell pattern of the product comes in various ranges like quadrangle, pyramid, hexagon, Tri-helical line. lnk deposition tends to be uniform, throughout the engraved length of the chamber. We can engrave the chambers having up to Ø 350 X 3000 mm length. We can choose the appropriate LPI and engraving depth if provided with the percentage of the solid content of the chemical/ink to be covered alongside the dry GSM deposit expected on the substrate. The screen count range varies from 25- 350 LPI and the engraving cylinders having dry GSM deposits up to 1 GSM to 20 GSM. Anar Rub Tech uses the latest and modern technology, equipment, and programming advancements to experimentally gauge its cycles to look after consistency. The anilox roller is a delicate and precise component that should be cleaned repeatedly to keep the ink from setting and blocking the anilox holes. These rollers can be cleaned using two specific methods: using a steel brush with an exceptional cleaning agent or by using ultrasonic cleaning machines for cleaning. Our Anilox rollers accompany various benefits like better and Improved corrosion prevention, Long assistance life, Ideal and easy handling, High repeatability (TIR), Quick and convenient-free changeover, Quick reaction to changing color requirements, and effectively reduced setup time. Our customized engraving innovation permits us to supply you with customized anilox roller arrangements coordinated to your specific requirements. We also can laser imprint client explicit plans on your behalf. In case of a specific format and areas of application, our tailored anilox technology and innovation could be considered the best choice.

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