By Editor Morten B. Reitoft 

It's been a while since we have reported on Benpac and Marco Corvi, but that doesn't mean that nothing has happened - it's more of a question about priorities. When INKISH first heard of Marco Corvi (51) and Benpac, it was about Heidelberger Druckmaschinen's now failed sale of Gallus to Benpac. The deal was so huge that every media wrote about it. Still, ONLY Luzerner Zeitung, Nessan Cleary, and INKISH looked more into the deal and soon realized that Marco Corvi and Benpac, by all means, weren't even close to how they were positioned on the Benpac website - or worse, how usually reliable companies like Baker McKenzie and GCA, happily told the world that they were advisors for Benpac, and as a result of this also green stamped the claims of Benpac being a 700 million CHF global company with more than 3,600 employees - the actual number was MAYBE closer to 150-200 at the time - and many more things that nobody could ever verify!

What has been extremely disturbing during the research and exposure of the business methods is the people that have lost money, been exposed to what can only look like a scam, and which keeps telling long trails of court cases, bankruptcies, unpaid bills, salaries, etc. It also seems possible for Marco Corvi to continue his business - though highly unclear what the real business is.

The more we have researched, the more an idea of Benpac being a 'garbage company' has been formulated. Not many of the sellers of companies - even those not being paid - have been interested in telling their side of the story. But a few are not giving up on their claims, which is what this update is about. We have written about ATM and the family Loulourgas, and in March, the court of Pinellas County in Florida sentenced the US Benpac Holding to pay a total of $22,128,398.25.

The case was filed by Loulourgas back in January 2021 - and Corvi has never responded to any of the letters sent from the court. Same day as Corvi is served the above sentence and the claim of $22,128,398.25, he, for the first time, responds to the court claiming that he has NEVER heard of the case and that he is suffering (due to the ATM-Loulourgas case) of Psychological Stress Disorder (PSD) and has attached a document from his Psychiatrist Dr. med. Armin Walter supports his claim that he hasn't been able to work for months.

It is, however, a bit strange, so say it mildly, as we published an article on October 11th, 2021, writing about the ATM case and other cases, where one of his then employees, Heidel Bock, commented that a new and updated Benpac website would be back May 2022 - ergo - some from Benpac has read the article, and you can wonder why a reported court case shouldn't be questioned or asked Marco Corvi - Benpac is and was after all a tiny company.

We are sorry to hear that Corvi suffers from PSD and wish him all the best. It sounds entirely unlikely that the court and Loulourgas' lawyer, Phelps, shouldn't be able to ensure a simple case like this is served rightfully.

Unfortunately for the Loulourgas and ATM, we are pretty convinced that you will never see the money, and we are worried about how you will ever be able to use the ruling to get what is now rightfully yours!

As mentioned in the beginning, Marco Corvi and Benpac have, since the failure of the Gallus deal, continued to operate almost as if nothing had happened, and the strange thing is, of course, how this can be the case, when Corvi issued personal guarantees to Heidelberger Druckmashinen for 120 million Euros, and where Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, at least after the failure raised considerable claims towards Corvi. Corvi was also sentenced in NYC to pay more than $130,000 in unpaid legal fees to his previous legal advisor H. Roske & Associates - and now more than $22 million to Loulourgas, which is as far as we can see only scratching the surface.

We have sometimes been asked whether Corvi is sane. The question is, of course, impossible to answer as we are not psychologists or psychiatrists. Still, Corvi's filing of a statement from Dr. Med. A. Walter from Psychiatrie-Therapie-Stans proves that PSD is part of the picture - it may be time for Corvi to take a LONG, LONG leave and consider what he has done to other people for many years now? It may also be time to consider whether his business idea is great and what it does to his name and reputation! When people - even his family - search for Benpac and Marco Corvi, stories are found, indicating that the business idea is not done without consequences for others - so now is the time to stop - now!


Case ID 21-000487-CI

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